ACHERON premiers video for ‘Satan Holds Dominion’!


The long running American Death Metal cult ACHERON, lead by Vincent Crowley has just released the video for the track ‘Satan Holds Dominion’ off the band’s new release “Kult Des Hasses”, released by Listenable Records. A fierce and dark atmospheric track with a video, that gives a good view into what ACHERON is all about, do […]

PERDITION TEMPLE is working on their coming album “The Tempter’s Victorious”


Gene Palubicki has revealed the title and cover of the forthcoming album for HELLS HEADBANGERS: “The Tempter’s Victorious”. Our first album for new label home Hells Headbangers, PERDITION TEMPLE’s “The Tempter’s Victorious” will feature eight new tracks and striking cover art done by Adam Burke. “The Tempter’s Victorious” will also be preceded by a 7″ […]

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS boxset on the way


Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the mad Australian Thrashers GOSPEL OF THE HORN’s ripping adventure, and we are now soon going to see the long awaited boxset to celebrate the shenanigans they’ve made during the years. The boxset have been in the works for some time. Invictus Productons has taken over the duty […]

DEMON HEAD og HEAT på 1000fryd, Aalborg i aften (12-9-2014)


I aften er der tradionelt Doom på 1000fryd i Aalborg, tyske HEAT og danske DEMON HEAD har tunet guitarene tungt og skruet ekstra op for bas og stortromme. Psykedelisk, tungt, rockende og flyvende, som gode gamle BLACK SABBATH. En fest ind i afkroge af sindet du sjældent kommer, ses vi? Kig forbi 1000fryds site for lidt […]

An homage to BATHORY – “In Conspiracy With Satan”


I do adore BATHORY and has been listening through the full discography numerous of times, yes the whole discography, even though some albums are somewhat better than others, so do they all have their charm, in some way or another. Though my absolute favorite albums from Quorthon (RIP) are the five first, they have chiselled […]

SADISTIC INTENT “Reawakening Horrid Thoughts” in a lot of words


Our favorite Los Angeles Death Metallers Rick and Bay Cortez are ready with a new release, this time with help from Ernesto Bueno and Arthur Mendiola. That might not give you a big lead, though the Cortez brothers are the creative and leading force in SADISTIC INTENT and Iron Pegasus Records has just released the […]

NECROPHAGIA streams new track ‘Reborn Through The Black Mass’ online


Ever evil NECROPHAGIA has been working on a new album and that soon is ready to be unleashed upon mankind. “WhiteWorm Cathedral” will be hitting the streets October 24th, released by Season Of Mist, and if this track, ‘Reborn Through The Black Mass’, that right now is streaming at the Norwegian Metal Hammer site, is […]

NIGHTBRINGER is about ready with “Ego Dominus Tuus”, new track is streaming online


The Colorado based Black Metallers of NIGHTBRINGER is about ready to release their fourth full length release “Ego Dominus Tuus” on Season Of Mist, it’ll hit us September 29th. Invisible Oranges is streaming the spinechilling track ‘I Am The Gateway’ as we speak, and I really think you should head over there to have a […]

Dark is the season

As we are nearing fall, if not tilting into it full speed head first, as it is happening here in Denmark, where the HQ of Nocturnal Horde is residing, and by fall life fades away to die during winter, heading into spring giving new life to flower in full during summer. Here it is a […]

New EXODUS track ‘Salt The Wound’ featuring Kirk Hammet online

You read right, original EXODUS guitarist Kirk Hammet has returned home, at least for a track, check it out below. The Bay Area thrashers new album “Blood In Blood Out” is released by Nuclear Blast on October 10th in Europe, it marks the return of Steve “Zetro” Sousa who marked himself on the ’87 release […]