CONVULSE- UNDERGANG – DETEST, Stengade, 12-11-2014


A treat is coming up for folks into rotten Death Metal, Finish legends CONVULSE, which released their ‘comeback’ album “Evil Prevails” late last year will trash Stengade together with our favorite rotten Death Metal’lers from the grave UNDERGANG and once again ressurrected DETEST, who have started to pop up now and then to play a […]


BRT London 2013

As you might have read earlier on, here or another place, our favorite Norwegian Death Metal fiends of BLOOD RED THRONE has been signed by the English and quite reputable label Candlelight Records, do you remember all those legendary releases from the 90ties? I hooked up with guitarist and founding member Daniel “Død” Olaisen for […]

Aalborg Metal Festival 2014 is getting near


It is nearing that time of year again, the first weekend of November, where Aalborg is invaded by mad Metal heads for a lot of beers and great music at Studenterhuset. I am looking forward to the mighty MARDUK who hopefully will show up this time around, AEON will also make my day with their […]

French Death Metal maniacs NEPHREN-KA launch video for ‘Praise Shaï-Hulud’


I am not normally impressed or caught by modern tehnical Death Metal, though once in a while a band emerges with some flow and feel on top of the brutality. Such a band is the French NEPHREN-KA. They released their debut full length album “The Fall Of The Omnious” on Kaotoxin Records last year and […]

ENSLAVED ‘Thoughts Like Hammers’ live in Denver 2013


The opening track from the mighty “Riitiir” album live in Denver the second of June 2013, the day after my birthday. I’ve so far only caught ENSLAVED live once, during the “ISA” tour, and that was quite an experience, I did like their music before the live show, though afterwards I was a fan of […]

BLOOD RED THRONE signs with Candlelight Records


The legendary English label has announced they have signed the Norwegian Death Metal machine BLOOD RED THRONE led by Daniel ‘Død’ Olaisen, who has been at the helm of the band, he formed together with Tchort (who left the band in 2010) in 1998. After the succesful release of the last album “Blood Red Throne” […]

CENTINEX premiers new track ‘Moist Purple Skin’


The Swedish madmen have premiered yet a track from the forthcoming album “Redeeming Filth” to be released by Agonia Records. An old school slasher, which immediately made me think of SIX FEET UNDER, not a direction I had seen the band take, though it is not bad at all!!! Read more about the coming album… […]

DIVINE EVE is working on new material


Sound from the American Doom/Death band DIVINE EVE from Texas has emerged. The band roamed the underground in the beginning of the nineties and released an EP on Nuclear Blast ‘As The Angels Weep’ in 1993, they disbanded in 1995 and rose as a phoenix in 2008. DIVINE EVE released yet an EP  in 2010 […]

ACHERON premiers video for ‘Satan Holds Dominion’!


The long running American Death Metal cult ACHERON, lead by Vincent Crowley has just released the video for the track ‘Satan Holds Dominion’ off the band’s new release “Kult Des Hasses”, released by Listenable Records. A fierce and dark atmospheric track with a video, that gives a good view into what ACHERON is all about, do […]

PERDITION TEMPLE is working on their coming album “The Tempter’s Victorious”


Gene Palubicki has revealed the title and cover of the forthcoming album for HELLS HEADBANGERS: “The Tempter’s Victorious”. Our first album for new label home Hells Headbangers, PERDITION TEMPLE’s “The Tempter’s Victorious” will feature eight new tracks and striking cover art done by Adam Burke. “The Tempter’s Victorious” will also be preceded by a 7″ […]