UNDERGANG is soon ready with “Døden Læger Alle Sår”


The Danish merchants of death, doom and gloom UNDERGANG is soon ready with their third full length offering “Døden Læger Alle Sår”, to be released on CD by Dark Descent Records and on vinyl by Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Look forward to a beast of dimensions from a world beyond this, where we, the […]

THY SERPENT’s CULT interview


THY SERPENT’S CULT Last fall, I know, it’s been a while, I hooked up with the growling madman and lyricist Hatred of the Chiliean cult THY SERPENT’s CULT, to get some answers. Answers to how their second album “Sedition, Sorcery And Blasphemy” blew me away, when I first laid ears upon it, a thing it […]

“One Cold Night In Norway” DARKTHRONE tribute


The Dutch magazine and label Speedslaughter Magazine and Productions has compiled an online tribute to the mighty DARKTHRONE “One Cold Night In Norway” featuring 30 bands and tracks spanning from the early days of DARKTHRONE to the newest offering “The Underground Resistance”. There some hits and a few missed, though allover a great effort from […]

Metal Magic Festival VIII 2015 is starting to take shape


The first bands for 2015’s Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia, Denmark have just announced its first bands for the 8th installment of the bash, and so far it’s going to be dark, heavy, thrashing and quite classic. The band’s announced so far are: SIGH, GIRLSCHOOL, BÖLZER, ANTAeUS, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, ATLANTEAN CODEX, INIQUITY and […]

HUMILIATION and SATANIC ASSAULT DIVISION are going to hit 1000Fryd Aalborg this Sunday

Tak for lån af billedet, du gode menneske der har taget det, det er lånt fra SADs Facebook site.

We have a brutal Sunday in wait in Aalborg, Malaysian Death squadron HUMILIATION will hit 1000Fryd in Aalborg, to celebrate the release of their fifth full length album “Battalion” released by Deepsend Records. They will get support from Danish Black Metal legion SATANIC ASSAULT LEGION from Fyn, vel mødt!   1000Fryd

More INIQUITY gigs and spanking new classic t-shirts


As you might have heard, the Danish veteran Death Metal’ers in INIQUITY are hitting the road, for yet a stint of re-union gigs, after succesful appearances on among other Aalborg Metal Festival 2012 and Maryland Death Fest in 2013. This time they’ll hit Mono Goes Metal 2015, the 31st of January in Århus, Denmark, Holsteiner […]



The mother of all Death Metal fanzines these days COMPILATION OF DEATH, hailing from Chile, is now ready with its third installment. 390 illustrated pages featuring bands like: SADISTIC INTENT, DIABOLIC/HORROR OF HORRORS/UNHOLY GHOST, NILE, ROTTREVORE, INCANTATION, OBLITERATION and the list goes on. Do you wanna miss out on the fun? Check out an interview […]

OPPRESSOR “Solstice Of Oppression” to receive vinyl release


The Greek label Repulsive Echo, which are about to become specialized in reviving old Death Metal classics, never before to be found on vinyl, on vinyl, have started working on their third release. The first ever vinyl version of the American technical Death Metal band from Chicago OPPRESSOR’s legendary debut full length “Solstice Of Oppression”, originally […]